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    LIVE / liv / - to celebrate life

    YUM / yəm / - to describe as delicious (also a sound to open the heart center)


    LIVE YUM was developed to inspire a culture of mindful being through the ancient teachings and practice of yoga. Our mantra is to “celebrate life with an open heart." And, our mission is to encourage us all to learn from and embrace the student and teacher within.


    Thank you for your support! Our book, For the Love of Food and Yoga, has been published and reviewed in many publications we admire, including the Portland Press Herald, Green Child Magazine, NCPR, Lazy Girl Vegan, and we've also been featured on ABC and FOX News. Are you a member of the press? Please contact us and download our media kit. We'd love to talk to you! Thank you also to our friends and colleagues in the yoga and food realms who provided reviews of our book. Read some of our reviews below and also discover what customers are saying on Amazon.

    “Among the many ways to support our well-being today, the practice of yoga and mindful eating are two standouts. Through the consciousness-raising lens of the practices and philosophy of yoga, this lovely book offers an inspirational and synergistic appreciation of food as life and as medicine.”

    Paul J. Mills, PhD, Director of Research, The Chopra Foundation, Professor of Family Medicine & Public Health and Psychiatry, UC San Diego, and Director, UC San Diego Center of Excellence for Research and Training in Integrative Health


    "From their little slice of Thousand Islands heaven, Price-Kellogg and Taylor serve up a novel smorgasbord of yoga delicacies. Masterly samplings of eternal teachings and exquisitely photographed postures are made all the tastier by accompanying recipes like 'Baba Ganesh' and 'Namaste Napoleons.' Yum indeed!"

    Carrie Schneider, Yoga Teacher, Author of American Yoga and Yoga Within


    "This is a wonderful book, all about mindful living, eating, and being. Through recipes and photographs taken in one of the most beautiful places in North America, For the Love of Food and Yoga demonstrates just how thrilling the journey can be."

    Jennifer Trainer Thompson, Author of more than sixteen books, including Jump Up and Kiss Me: Spicy Vegetarian Cooking, and three-time James Beard Foundation Awards Nominee


    “Such a refreshing way to look at and experience the ‘yoga’ of eating … Beautiful pictures of places, poses, people, and plates of healthy, vibrant food. The book is sprinkled with subtle humor on literally every page, along with recipes just inviting us back to our kitchens to prepare and enjoy with friends and family. What a concept!”

    Peter Sterios, ERYT-500, Creator of Manduka & Creator of Gravity & Grace DVDs


    For the Love of Food and Yoga is a feast for the eyes, palate, body and soul. Liz and Kristen share their authentic way of living with us. Their book will leave you feeling enriched and inspired.”

    Katrin J. Schubert, MD, PhD, Author of The 5-Minute First Aid for the Mind Series


    “The combination of inspirational quotes, thoughtful writing, creative recipes, and photographs of asanas set within the beauty of the natural environment encourages us to take a deeper and more conscious approach to nourishing our bodies and feeding our souls. This book is an important addition to any yoga practitioner’s library.”

    Kathy Falge, MA, LMT, KPJAYI Authorized Level 2 Ashtanga Yoga Teacher


    "Enjoy your journey through the book. You are sure to come out the other end with not only some great recipes and a satisfied palate, but potentially new insights and awareness of the true meaning of Yoga as Union or Balance within all realms of life."

    David Swenson, Celebrated Ashtanga Yoga Teacher and Author of Ashtanga Yoga: The Practice Manual

    (David Swenson kindly wrote a very thoughtful forward for our book. Above is a snippet.)


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    We're Kristen (left) and Liz (right), co-founders of Live Yum. We are dedicated yogis, mothers, and seekers of well-being. We are passionate about growing in and sharing compassion, joy, and love. Thank you for joining us on this journey. May you be free from suffering, may you be happy, may you be healthy, and may you find peace and joy. Namaste!


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